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Beware the price of ignorance

Magyar Krónika,
2015.okóber 7.



I was a 22 year old Hungarian refugee when I landed in Halifax in December 1956, along with many others who escaped the Stalinist regime of Hungary after the end of the Revolution.  The overwhelming emotion we all felt was gratitude for the safe haven and an obligation to become truly Canadian, speak the languages, learn and adapt to the customs and build a future for our families.  None of us dreamt of making demands of our new country to accept our customs, culture or politics and received our Canadian citizenship with pride and gratitude.

Today, after 59 years, listening to the election news, I was enraged to hear the remark that “a Canadian is a Canadian is a Canadian”.  This tragically naïve and uninformed politician was objecting to the proposition of stripping a convicted terrorist of his Canadian citizenship.  With this remark, the politician placed me on the same level as the psychopathic murder whose stated objective is to destroy our country and way of life.  Two of our potential leaders also defended the wearing of the niqab during the citizenship ceremony in the name of misguided political correctness.

This incident has nothing to do with religious or culturally dictated rules.  It says loudly:  “I am not one of you.  I do not wish to become truly Canadian, now or ever.  I do not respect your customs, institutions or laws”.  Remember the mother of Omar Khadr, who whilst wearing the niqab on a television interview, praised her son for killing in the name of Islam. 
I strongly suggest that before the Canadian election, these leaders do a quick survey of European cities such as Birmingham, UK or Hamburg, Germany where a sizeable Muslim community completely took over parts of cities, creating “no go” zones where the local population, including the police, will not dare to go, and Sharia law rules. 

Do not confuse humanity with uninformed naivety.  Inform yourself before it is too late.

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