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Cikk a Globe and Mail-ben


Magyar Krónika,
2014.december 29.

A múlt héten jelent meg két cikk a Globe and Mail-ben, amelyekben sajnos több tényszerűtlen állítás és pontatlan következtetés is szerepel, s amelyek Magyarországot nagyon rossz fényben tüntetik fel. Éppen ezért a Kanadai Magyarok Országos Szövetsége (KMOSz) a következő - tényeket felsorakoztató - olvasói levelet küldte el a Globe and Mail főszerkesztőjének a múlt héten: 
Ugyancsak masik harom valaszt is kozoljuk, amit olvasoink kuldtek a Globe and Mail szerkesztosegehez.
Sajnálatos módon egyiket sem láttuk közölve ás ez arra a következtetésre ad okot, hogy megkérdőjelezzük a Globe and Mail tárgyilagos, és részrehajlás nélküli gondolkodását.


NAHC's letter to the Editor of The Globe and Mail

Mr. David Walmsley
The Globe and Mail
444 Front Street West,
Toronto, Ontario
M5V 2S9

                                                                                                                                               17 December 2014


Dear Mr. Walmsley,

                                                     RE:  Hungary’s unjust condemnation

 Mark Mackinnon’s 14 and 15 December articles on Hungary - “Hungary at centre of Cold War-style struggle between Russia and the West “ and “Statue in Budapest based on Second World War evokes dark history” – suggest to Canadian readers that Hungary is gradually turning into a dictatorship, while it “sympathizes with Russia in the conflict over Ukraine”. It also implies that democracy in Hungary is in danger and that Prime Minister Orbán “expresses admiration for the systems” of Vladimir Putin’s Russia, as well as Turkey and China.

 This is simply misguided and untrue.  

 Hungary never took Russia’s side in the Ukrainian conflict [Ref. 1], however, it emphasized that a peaceful resolution – preferably without the economic sanctions hurting EU member states including Hungary – should be sought. If one wants to read into this any side taken by Hungary, than it’s rather the side of Ukraine, since during the height of the crisis (when Russian gas supplies were stopped to Ukraine), Hungary pumped more gas to Ukraine than any other country, dropping its own reserve levels to dangerous levels – close to the minimum limits set by the EU. Pumping more gas was technically not feasible, as confirmed by EU Commissioner for Energy, Günther Oettinger in September 2014 [Ref. 2].

 As for the “admiration” of the likes of Russia, Turkey and China: the original speech from Prime Minister Orbán in Hungarian (delivered on 26 July 2014 in Tusnádfürdő, Romania), stated that “the most popular topic in thinking today is trying to understand how systems that are not Western, not liberal, not liberal democracies and perhaps not even democracies, can nevertheless make their nations successful. The stars of the international analysts today are Singapore, China, India, Russia and Turkey.” [Ref. 3] This is quite different than what Mr. Mackinnon implies! It simply states the fact that some nations, which appear to emerge as winners in the global economic race, are not part of the family of standard Western liberal democracies. Also, how could Hungary be an “admirer of Russia” when it actually reduced Russian influence in Eastern Europe by a number of steps, for example by buying back 21% of the shares of MOL, Hungary’s oil and gas conglomerate from Russian Surgutneftegas [Ref. 4]?   

 Finally, for the suggestion that Hungary is turning into a dictatorship, it is best to cite the 2002 Nobel Prize winner for literature, Mr. Imre Kertész of Hungary, who as a Holocaust survivor and one who lived decades under the communist rule in Hungary, has experienced two dictatorships first-hand. In a recent interview to the New York Times (NYT), Mr. Kertész replied to a direct question from journalist David Straitfeld that although he is “not pleased with everything happening in Hungary today, …. but certainly Hungary is no dictatorship. This is empty, ideological language, to call Hungary a dictatorship today!” [Ref. 5]. To his (and our) disappointment, Mr. Kertész’ words were never published by the NYT, - in his view because perhaps this was not the answer the NYT journalist was looking for [Ref. 5].

 It demonstrates the true greatness of a Nobel Prize winner that his opinion – which he based on facts – could not be distorted neither by the popular trend of unjustly portraying Hungary as the “enfant terrible of the European Union” (as Mr. Mackinnon writes) nor by his own subjective views.

 As Canadians of Hungarian origin, as well as representatives of the largest Canadian Hungarian organization, we aim to promote the friendship between Canada and Hungary, two allied nations within NATO. This, however, requires fair and facts-based reporting about either country in the other’s media. We hope that The Globe and Mail will strive to ensure that the highest journalistic standards are upheld and that it will contribute to reporting about Hungary to Canadians by fair and facts-based reporting in the future.

 We would appreciate if you would publish our opinion in the Letter to the Editor section.

 Thank you,


 The 16 members of the Board of Directors of the National Alliance of Hungarians in Canada (NAHC)
an umbrella organization founded by 65 Canadian-Hungarian organizations (www.kmosz.ca)



The Globe and Mail 
Every time I read western media criticism over Hungary and its Primer minister Orban, it is clear that the objective is a large international conjuration to mislead the readers on historical fact considering Hungary. This time the Canadian Globe and Mail lined up with the same reactionary media scheme against those who have new idea to break the chain of economical and military dictatorship of the western Empire. Empire which crumbling in every side, therefore menacing the world with a global extermination to maintain its grip on peoples who seek liberation from a satanic group who want to dominate the world.
The tools of the Empire can be the most shrouded, like financing far right extremist group by secret agency in Europe and use them as scare crow to prove the anti-Semitism of peoples and nations. The psychological fears they want to impose by using the media don't work any more, because true information are contradicting the lies with which they provoked wars and extermination without the expected result.
This new attack on some Central European country's are condemned to the same nihilist result especially in Hungary. A country with one of the most interesting thousands years of history and experienced freedom fights, therefore lies on the Primer minister Orban to identify him as a Horthy’s regime follower by The Globe an Mail is not only ridiculous, but totally untrue and destroy the rest of the little credibility left of The Glob and Mail.
Accusing the Hungarians of being far right extremist, looks to me as the auto defence of western powers criminal culpabilities for having destroyed the Hungarian Kingdom on tremendous lies of accusation with the Trianon Treaty on June 4 1920. Since then Hungarians were enslaved with the communist regime who caused 775,000 Hungarians holocaust, for what The Glob and Mail never was disturbed., just to mention this.
As for the Horthy’s regime to recuperate some lost territory to present this as a sin is not only ridiculous but monstrous barbarism, since a normal justice loving being would understand that a country who has been split by gangster minded politicians , its peoples will not tolerate it and want to recuperate and reinstall the thousand years historical Hungary’s territory. The irony of this that this will happen in course of time and this is why today every mean is good to Satanism the Hungarians. This nation of a great past with a unique language and related to the antic Magis, identified in their name MAGYAR = Mag-I-Ar , which mean: The Magi Nation. Not easy to accept this truth. This is why it is clear now to objective historians, that the Western civilisation was built on lies, therefore condemned to collapse sooner or later, helped by such a lies spread by The Globe and Mail on Hungary and it’s peoples. The Anti-Semitism is not Hungarian, but international, looking in it why, it will show the answer to objective journalist if ever exist one, since they are all at the service of the Empire. This is why they talk only about anti-Semitism, while many other world threatening problems should be examined. On theses, silence is the norm by the Glob an Mail. Hypocrisies will never win over truth and this concerted campaigns with the menace of an other Majden in Hungary should not shake the Hungarian government in its goal to reform the politically corrupted Europe, who need men like Orban with vision and create a new era badly needed to protect democracy for which Hungarians fought in 1956, and let down by, as to say “western Hippocratic democracy”. This is why the fear of this genius Orban with thoughts that cannot be killed. Shame on all the media, who sold their soul to the Devil of the Satanic world Empire, especially The Glob and Mail,
Charles Sucsan
Free thinker


To whom it may concern

It is surprising that a paper having a position like Globe And Mail would not only fall for, but even give such an importance for the kind of false propaganda presented by the Hungary At Centre Of Cold War-Style Struggle Between Russia And The West article of Mark MacKinnon. While there certainly are things that are not popular and even outright wrong in the rule of Orban and his party, this is true for all and every government in the world. But presenting as fact the accusations of propaganda spread from the very beginning of the mandate of the centrist government of Hungary by the far-left powers of the European Union is not what one expects from Globe and Mail. A relatively easy search for the background of the criticized action would have explained a lot. Just to mention two: It is certain that the government of Hungary is careful in its relationship to Russia; however it is not difficult to find, on the one hand, that the same is true for most European governments, because they badly need Russian natural gas for energy, but also because when Orban took over the government, Hungary was in very deep economic trouble. The previous government composed of ex-communist politicians took tremendous foreign loans, sold to foreign companies the majority of Hungarian industry that was nationalized during the communist system, and after a very few years these companies closed their factories in Hungary. The government of Orban obviously had to make some unpleasant decisions to prevent a situation like Greece faced. They also took great steps in re-building the economy of Hungary without creating new debts.  Quite surprisingly they did succeed even in spite of the fact that European powers were not very eager to help them (possibly at least partly because they were not asking for loans). The result was that Hungary made some very important economic agreements with Russia. The result of their policies the result is that at present the growth of the economy of Hungary is among the strongest in Europe, in a country of ten million people in the last four years the number of working persons increased by 400 000.
To mention another point in your article, it is entirely true that “Mr. Orban’s government removed the blue-and-gold European Union flag from the front of the country’s gothic-style parliament building, controversially replacing it with the banner of ethnic Hungarians living in neighbouring Romania.” The action is certainly controversial to anybody who does not support equality. The flag in question is in fact that of the ethnic Hungarians, but in Transylvania. That land was, for a thousand years Hungarian, either directly part of Hungary, or under the rule of Hungarian princes. It was separated in 1914 by the peace-treaty, and attached to Romania in December 1918 by a decision of a  national assembly of all nationalities living in Transylvania. The document that attached the territory to Rumania very clearly did so under the condition that the autonomy of all ethnic groups will be respected, including “their governing themselves, the use of their language, their public administration by persons selected from among themselves”. Unfortunately this condition has never been respected by the Rumanian government. How serious the situation is even today shows that three persons are jailed by a court because they worked in a committee formed to arrange the return a school to the Hungarian Protestant Church which has been nationalized by the communist system. Only recently a law by the Rumanian parliament has forbidden the use of any flag excepting the Rumanian national one. As the result a Hungarian in one of the preliminarily Hungarian region has been arrested because on his house there was a black flag, and there is a investigation against members of a county consul where the population is something like 80% Hungarian, because they are not willing to take down the flag of their ethnic group. It is understandable that given the fact the Rumania is a member of the European Union that has a clear rule regarding the rights of minorities and that the Union does not seam to be willing to act in this case, the Hungarian government expresses its support of Hungarian ethnic minority in Rumania.
Given such events as USA president Obama praising Rumania for its democracy that guarantees the equal rights of all nationalities and religions, and an article like this in Canada’s leading newspaper, one has to ask the question: how long before Canada will also face similar situations?
Dr. J. G. Glaser
St-Bruno, QC.

majd egy harmadik,

We have heard it all before, the propaganda barrage of the liberal-left media against the twice, overwhelmingly elected centre-right government of Hungarian Prime Minister Victor Orban..This time, surprise: we read it all in the Globe and Mail, in your article: Hungary central to Cold War-style struggle between Russia, the West, by Marc MacKinnon. (Dec l5)
You quote and give prominence to  political activists like Zsolt Varady , who blames the country's 'nightmare' government, which according to him is currently  sympathizing with Russia in the conflict over Ukraine and who further states: 'we are getting closer to  dictatorship, but we're not there yet'.
( you restate this phrase as a headline).You also highlight amongst others, a Kornelia Magyar of the Progressive Institute, who, while referring to the Prime Minister, claims that 'the rule of law is not very important to him'.
Yes, you  do quote Mr. Zoltan Kovacs,  a spokesman for the Prime Minister, that Hungary had a pragmatic relationship with Russia, and that it's 'offensive' to the core to come with the argument that Hungary is trying to switch or shift sides.  But this gets lost with your continuous barrage of criticism of the regime in the rest of the article.  It is important to remember, that number of other European countries, like for instance Germany, have an extremely close business relationship with Russia, thus they also have to walk a very fine line,  as they are equally dependent of its gas and oil. Yet here, the critics are silent.
In reality, Hungary is doing rather well, economically too, in comparison to some of the other EU countries, say France, as it's debt has sunk below the 3% of GDP, prescribed  by the EU. Just one of the important and positive facts, conveniently forgotten by your author.


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