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Magyar Krónika, augusztus 29.

Dear Friends! Last winter I was in Florida and I was talking to Mr. George L.Lovas, who is the President of the COORDINATING COMMITTEE FOR THE COMMEMORATION OF THE 1956 HUNGARIAN REVOLUTION.

He would like to have connection with the leaders of Hungarians living in Montreal to celebrate the 50th year of the Hungarian revolution.
The address of the committee is: HUNGARIAN HOUSE. 213 East 82nd Street. New York, NY 10028 Phone # is: 917-331-8623.

They called me today and invited me in October 15th to the Memorial Mass in St. Patrick's Cathedral, followed by a Gala Concert at Carnegie Hall. I will not go for many reasons, but I was thinking, maybe some of you will be interested to have a contact with them, or to co-ordinate with a local (Canadian) celebration.

My best regard, Leslie Vertes.


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