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Ekvident Fogászat

Magyar Krónika, szeptember 1. 2014.

Az Ekvident Fogászat (www.ekvident.hu) Magyarországon, Szegeden szolgáltat, minőségi környezetben színvonalas ellátást az Ön részére.

Bizalmáért cserébe nem csak a fogászati szolgáltatásunk tökéletesen működő eredményéhez jut hozzá, hanem az árkülönbségekből fakadóan pénzt takarít meg önmagának és családjának. Napjainkban a természetes, hófehér mosoly alapkövetelmény egy páciens részéről. A megnövekedett esztétikai igények mellett fontos tényező a páciens komfortérzete. Az emberi fogazat térbeli adatai (fogforma, fogméret, síkok, stb.) az Ön esetében is visszakereshetőek testi adatai alapján, de a legfontosabb az a biostatikai egyensúly, amely a saját ép fogazatával megvolt. Az Ön igényeit és szándékát tiszteletben tartva tőlünk ehhez a szolgáltatáshoz jut hozzá.
Szolgáltatásunkról, a folyamatokról már ellátott Kanadában élő páciensünk leírásából pontos képet kap.

Fizessen egyszer a szép és tökéletesen működő fogazatáért!

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Csatáriné Miskolczi Gabriella
Ügyfélkapcsolati vezető

            If you are reading this, and you are concerned about your dental problems, you may be looking for a good solution to them. I was in this same situation recently, and the following is about my positive experience with EKVIDENT.

I ground my teeth in my sleep, which caused some considerable problems over the years. In a very gradual process, my teeth became eroded significantly because of this nightly grinding. As my teeth eroded, the complications increased. First, I was told by my dentist that, because of grinding, I might soon need a special prosthesis, called a night guard, to wear during sleep. As time passed, the problem became chronic and severe. I started to feel pain at both sides of my jaw. My teeth became sensitive to heat and cold, to sweetness and sourness. They were also sensitive to pressure, which made chewing a difficult and a funny process, at least for others. I was told then that wearing a night guard had become too late. It would not help because the teeth were very significantly eroded, and the teeth needed to be somehow protected or taken out. The inner layer of each tooth, called dentine, was not only visible by then, but also had become thin from the grinding. I was very surprised when I was told that my teeth were in the condition of a seventy year old man’s teeth; I am only thirty nine year old!
I needed to find a solution for this problem and I knew I couldn’t wait. I was told that the best solution would be to cover my teeth with crowns. I liked the idea, except that my dentist said it would take almost two years for the complete treatment.

Fortunately, when visiting my hometown in Hungary, I was referred to the clinic named EKVIDENT. I remember clearly that at my first visit, when I met Tamás I was impressed by how passionately he could speak about the treatment that his team could offer. First, he explained to me that his clinic is specialized in finding complete solutions for dental problems, and not in just filling cavities. He explained how the damaged bite can be rebuilt by a precise process. He had some models of reconstructed jaws on the bench. He explained that these were created for each patient in order to be able to accurately build up the damaged teeth. I somehow had the feeling that EKVIDENT could provide the solution for my worn teeth. Tamás showed me pictures of rebuilt teeth of his previous patients and I also read their many positive testimonies. I was becoming convinced that this clinic could provide a good service for me. I just had one doubt. I live in Canada and I could not imagine how this treatment could be realized since my Canadian dentist had told me that it would take at least a year or even two for a similar treatment. This time-concern was quickly resolved when Tamás told me that if his team were to focus their time only on my treatment, they could actually complete the whole treatment in three weeks! We agreed that I would return to Hungary in a couple of months for the session. You can imagine how many questions were bouncing in my head. Was I making the right decision? Would the quality be compromised by the compressed schedule? What if something went wrong and I only found it out later in Canada?

Despite this, as agreed, I flew back home to Hungary in a couple of months, for the treatment. I was very excited about the trip. I remember when I first met Dr. Csaba Bánrévi in his office at the dental clinic. He smiled and said „Alright Antal, let’s start; it’s going to be a long day for you.” He was absolutely right because he worked on my teeth, with brief breaks for five hours. He was definitely right by not hesitating. I could never have imagined that a dentist could prepare all of my teeth for crowning in one day. Dr. Bánrévi had simply told me to sit in the chair and immediately started the treatment! I strongly believe that this was right. He knew what he was doing and did not want to prolong any discomfort. When Dr. Bánrévi finished preparing my teeth for crowning, I looked into the mirror, I was shocked. I saw only small stubs where there had been teeth in my mouth, a couple of hours ago. “You should not look into the mirror now!” Dr. Bánrévi said. He was right again; it was not a good idea to look into the mirror at that time... Then, he put in a temporary prosthesis for esthetic purposes and also to facilitate chewing, until the permanent dentistry was completed. He simply told me to come back in two weeks to finalize the treatment. I have to tell you that I was nervous; I still had many “what ifs” in my head. His level of professional confidence was absolutely new for me. The whole team was confident about the work they were delivering; they really knew what they were doing. Anyway, two weeks later, in the same office I received my new and permanent dental caps. Once again, I was pleasantly surprised! It looked amazing; nice and shiny, but not too shiny, with exactly the right sizing. It looked natural! Most importantly, when I closed my mouth, the bite felt even! I could not remember the last time I had had that feeling. I kept smiling and smiling. Everything was perfectly precise and normal. Honestly, it was better than I expected. In two days I went back for checkup. Everything was excellent! Chewing was much easier than before, but biting firm foods was very different for a short time because now I had proper incisors.

To review: my experience was very pleasant. The product was delivered with exceptional quality on time. Since then, for five months now, I have had no negative side effects and everything feels fine. I show my new teeth off to my friends, including dentists and dental technicians. Everybody has the same opinion, which is that the teeth I now have are excellent.
I hope this testimonial will help you to make your decision. Do not hesitate!

2014 augusztus 11, Ottawa

Prigli Antal

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